Student Opportunities

BC CAHS has established itself as one of the country’s leading aquatic research facilities. We are committed to excellence in discovery, translation and application of aquatic health research – and to training future scientists.


Trainees have the opportunity to:

  • be on the front lines of scientific study that has the potential to transform the health and welfare of aquatic animals and ecosystems;
  • work alongside scientific thought-leaders in areas related to Fish Health & Welfare, Wild / Farmed Animal Interactions, Epidemiology, Stress Physiology, Larval Development and Ecology, Environmental Monitoring;
  • be part of a team of international researchers.


Opportunities include:

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program

Students have the opportunity to gain leading edge experience in an interdisciplinary setting, preparing them for careers as independent researchers.

Graduate Student Program

Graduate students will have an opportunity to work in the lab while completing a Masters or Doctoral degree.

Summer Student Program

Students can gain hands-on research experience after their second year of undergraduate science studies.


Current Students

Past Students