Are you interested in a career in science? Find out about some of the careers that are in action at BC CAHS. If you are interested in working in a laboratory setting doing scientific research on the topic of aquatic life, then BC CAHS may be the place for you. As well, our staff go out in the field to work on their research and diagnostic projects. You could find yourself at a local hatchery or even on a boat out on the ocean near the coast of Vancouver Island.

Our scientists generally have educational backgrounds in university level science. As well, we have staff that specialize in an area of study such as epidemiology, marine sciences, microbiology, oceanography and veterinary sciences.

BC CAHS does have students come to complete work terms frequently – both paid and volunteer positions for a variety of lengths of time (a few days to several months). We do predict that the research and diagnostic services that BC CAHS offers will continue to be in demand over the next several years as there are many unknowns still when it comes to the ocean and its inhabitants.

Thanks for your interest in working for BC CAHS! Please check back to this webpage for postings as they become available. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news on openings as they become available.

Why live and work in Campbell River?

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