Pint of Salmon

BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences (BC CAHS) held a series of public engagements to discuss the science behind understanding salmon biology.

Generally, the public is not aware that BC CAHS is in Campbell River and also is not aware of some of the interesting projects that we do. We are hoping to change that and are interested in meeting with the public to share some of our knowledge on aquatic animal health.

What is it about?

“Many of people who tour our lab state that they never knew important work on wild salmon was being done locally. One of our clients challenged us to take our candle out from under the bushel. We took that to heart and we want to share our work – and that of other salmon people – with the public.” ~  BC CAHS CEO Dr. Jim Powell. 

Pint of Salmon is a series of mini presentations (20 – 30 minutes) with the general public that discuss some of the issues in regards to wild salmon, aquaculture, and some of the work that BC CAHS participates in. We have arranged to secure a venue at a local pub for these free events. Our scientists present a topic to the general public during their visit at the pub. We would also be available for Q & A and general discussion afterwards.

The first Pint of Salmon was on Tuesday October 23rd, 2018 and the first presenter was Elan Downey of BC CAHS, who presented a snap-shot of zooplankton abundance in the near-shore environment and how critical this is to early marine survival of salmon.


Stay tuned for upcoming Pint of Salmon events



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