Fresh Water Fish Health Workshop

The purpose of this training is to combine lecture, hands-on experience and discussion to advance the fish health knowledge and skills you already possess.

Questions and discussions relating to fish health and disease are expected and encouraged.

Training Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Utilize the terms used in fish health and disease diagnosis
  • Identify the types of diseases affecting Atlantic salmon in freshwater
  • Explain the host/ pathogen/environment relationship
  • Discuss how water quality, biosecurity, nutrition, managing stress and vaccination are important in maintaining fish health
  • Apply the anatomy/physiology of Atlantic salmon in fish health examinations
  • Outline smoltification and the techniques used to test for smolt readiness
  • Perform necropsy procedures using sterile technique
  • Perform sampling, packaging and transport procedures for diagnostic laboratory testing
  • Use indicators such as feed response, behaviour, mortalities etc. to identify potential fish health problems
  • Identify the bacterial, viral fungal and parasitic organisms which cause disease in freshwater Atlantic salmon in BC
  • Describe external and internal signs of the bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases affecting Atlantic salmon in BC
  • Describe standard broodstock pre-spawning procedures and disease screening techniques
  • Perform bacteriological diagnostic procedures such as tissue imprints, plating, staining techniques and basic microscopy


Please contact us directly if you would like to attend or set up a workshop.



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